She Lost

So now we are stuck with Trump for 4 years

My advice to the Democrats:

Next time, pick someone who is "clean".  Hillary and Bill Clinton have been associated with many scandals throughout their political careers. Somehow they always to come out of each one OK; they are smart and slick.  However, this time the American people decided that they preferred someone who is nasty and racist (Trump), to someone who is dishonest.

My advice to Donald Trump:

Most important: Follow the Constitution.  You will be President, NOT dictator!  If you keep that in mind, MAYBE we might re-elect you.

And DON'T TRY TO BUILD THAT MORONIC WALL!  It will be a huge waste of money and won't keep anyone or anything (including drugs) out.

My advice to EVERYONE:

Pray for our country!  We will need it!