Mom and Catherine

Dear Mom & Dad,

As you probably know, this photo was taken when you came to visit me last year and we went to The Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla, CA (dad is behind the camera of course!). I chose to post this picture for several reasons...

Some of my fondest memories are of trips we've taken together. You instilled in me the joy & importance of spending time with family. Though we lived far away from relatives when I was growing up, you made sure I saw them as much as possible. Then when I moved away you stayed connected with me through calls, care packages and visits across the country.

These and other trips also introduced me to people and places I know many other children didn't get to experience. A love of travel & learning grew in me. Now exploring new places & learning new things are two of my greatest pleasures.

Lastly, this picture also reminds me of how you prepared & encouraged me to pursue a career that makes me happy. Through museums, classes, camps, etc, you exposed me to art, music, history, science, sports, and so on. Then you supported me both when I made a choice and when I changed my mind! You were behind me when I decided to teach third grade, when I wasn't sure what to do next, and when I finally found my way to informal education. Who knew that those childhood trips to the beach and treks in the mud collecting sea animals would lead me to working in aquarium as an adult?

And who knows where I will live and what I might do next?! But I know your love and support follows me wherever I go and that means the world to me. I Love YOU Mom & Dad and hope you have a very Happy Anniversary!